I will always be grateful to Jason for the opportunity to own one of his violins. I bought it at a time in my life where I truly needed a great instrument to count on. My violin has a rich, warm, colorful, and varied sound that is easy to play, and has never let me down in any performing context. I have also been playing on some of his baroque violins for years, and again I am so impressed with the color of the tone, and the playability of these instruments. If I ever need an adjustment or a repair on the violin, he is eager to help, I would not be where I am today without him! - Alex Woods, BYU professor of violin, Talea Ensemble, the Sebastian Chamber Players, Ensemble ACJW

For the last two years I have had the privilege and joy of playing a cello made by Jason Viseltear. The highest quality of his execution shines through no matter what music I play - be it classical baroque piece that calls for a smooth blending into the rest of the ensemble, or a modern solo piece that gets everyone's focused attention to the tone of the instrument. My cello's bright uncompromising projection makes my playing equally suitable for a small concert hall or a large stage. Enough words - one has to listen to Jason's instruments to appreciate them. - Alexei Romanenko, principal cello, Jacksonville Philharmonic Orchestra

Before I tried Jason Viseltear’s baroque violin, I did not know the beauty of baroque violin sound. At that time, I was struggling with my former baroque violin. But all the problems were solved once I had my new beautiful violin from Jason! When I asked him to make the violin for me, he always respected my comments and preference. Whenever I performed with the violin, my friends and colleagues always asked me who made this violin!! It sounds so rich, full, and powerful, which is exactly what I want. Since I have been playing with his violin, everyday I feel so lucky and thankful to have one of Jason Viseltear’s magnificent works. For the most, I admire his incredible workmanship as well as his generous personality. - Hyunjung Choi, La Réunion Musicale & Alla Classica

I feel very fortunate to have found this beautiful cello almost ten years ago. I bought it when it was only a week old after a three year search for an instrument. It was the only instrument I found that satisfied my yearning for a rich and warm sound that also projected well. Over the years my cello and I have grown together immensely. It remains warm and rich but in its young life it has also matured and is now clear and sonorous with a wide variety of colours. Together we've finished a college degree, played numerous auditions and competitions and joined a full time string quartet. Now we're performing and recording all over the world in wonderful halls. I was very fortunate to have found it at the age of 18 and I wish every young cellist the same luck. Thank you Jason for your creation. - Rachel Desoer, Cecilia String Quartet 

I have had the pleasure of working with Jason Viseltear for many years. His craftsmanship is, in my opinion, unmatched, and so I entrusted him with the making of the instruments for my ensemble The King's Noyse. I never hesitate to recommend him to players in the market for a first class instrument, because he never fails to inspire. His instruments have a beautiful sound, a flexible response, and expand the expressive range of anyone who plays them. They allow a player to reach their musical goals. And on top of it all he's a great guy. What more could you ask?! - David Douglass, Newberry Consort, The King's Noyse

I am reminded of Jason Viseltear's artistry and skills as a master luthier each time I play the viola he created. It has a rich, elegant sound which is rare for a new instrument and it is also beautiful to look at. Jason works magic with sound adjustments. He listens carefully to how the instrument is speaking and within minutes the instrument is singing to its optimal level. - Heather Paauwe, http://www.myspace.com/heatherpaauwe

When I began searching for a baroque cello, I played on many instruments, both original and recently made; Jason Viseltear's cello immediately stood out for its clarity and depth of tone. I have been fortunate to own this cello for several years now, and I'm still impressed by the incredible array of colors it allows me to produce. It's also been a pleasure for me to play and hear several of his other instruments, both baroque and modern, in exhibitions and in his shop. Each cello he creates allows me to easily shape nuances while maintaining this deeply sonorous tone that I associate with his instruments. - Ezra Seltzer, Sebastian Chamber Players, Concitato Baroque Chamber Ensemble

When I was faced with the need to acquire a new violin, I decided to look at contemporary instruments. Two of the most important reasons for this were the way in which new violins are priced, and the joy that comes out of discovering great works of beauty and art created by a living artist. After a serious research process (looking at photographs, articles, recommendations, etc, but also affordability and availability), I narrowed down my options to a few makers. One of them was Jason Viseltear. Even from that early stage I was gravitating towards his violins. Although I had only seen photographs of his work, the way his violins looked made me feel that they would have more to say than most of my other choices. After trying out several instruments made by other makers for comparison, I finally arrived at Jason's shop and discovered that my hunch was correct. From the first moment I met him, I knew that Jason is a person who pursues high principles and goals. He offered me three violins to try. I could see that beyond their beautiful appearance, the violins were each perfectly balanced not only aesthetically but geometrically. For example, the angle and height of the neck was ideal not only from the perspective of the left hand but also from the perspective of the tailpiece and bridge. The finishing was tasteful both for the accessories and for the body and varnish themselves. Choosing my favorite violin was not an easy process but I finally decided to pick the one that would best fit my personality. It has a deep, very powerful tone; the more sound you ask from it the more it offers; and its sound projection has a concave, indirect characteristic. I could not tell in that short time in the shop which violin was the best, necessarily, but this one captured my attention the most. Since I met Jason, he has earned my respect and admiration, both professionally and, more importantly, as a friend. I am proud to be the owner of a Jason Viseltear violin. I recommend his work as being based on very high professional standards while at the same time focusing on a level of inspiration and originality which are impossible to reproduce. - Mircea Lazar, New World Symphony